Activity to Explore in Senggigi

“If you think Senggigi is the tourist service centre of Lombok you would be right. But it is so much more”. Twelve things to do on foot whilst staying at Taman Unique Hotel:

From the front of the hotel cross the road turn right, walk 50 metres south then turn left into Jalan Adjuna (Arjuna Street) and into Senggigi village. Continue for about 1 kilometre past the new mosque on the right, don’t cross the small river. Enter and enjoy the jungle. Immerse yourself in a place of beauty where nature, culture, and spirituality intertwine. Where memories are made. When you reach a concrete pedestrian bridge ( see photo of bridge, not the vehicle bridge), cross the river and return via the village on a concrete path. Stay on the path running parallel to the hill and you will come out on the main road about 300 metres north of Taman Unique Hotel. Time about 50 minutes. The locals are very friendly and enjoy tourists showing polite interest in their village.

Circuit walk north on the beach and back to Taman Unique Hotel via the Office Bar. Head south on the main road, turn right into the Plaza at Happy Cafe. Exit into the road to the beach turn right. Head for the beach turn right past the Harbour masters office and proceed along the beach over the bridge across a creek. When you reach the Office Bar stop for a drink then wander the Art Market before returning to Taman Unique Hotel along the main road. About 35 minutes walking.

Circuit walk on beach heading south and back to Taman Unique Hotel around the point. From Taman Unique Hotel head south on the main road, turn right into the Plaza. Exit into the road to the beach. Head for the beach turn left and walk along a beautiful beach. Walk around the point and follow the path until near the end of the beach. Take the path to the main road and turn left return to Taman Unique Hotel on the main road. About 45 minutes.

Snorkelling. Head for the beach (see 3 above) , turn south when you reach the beach walk about 200 metres and swim out to the inside of the reef. Enjoy fabulous snorkelling. If you don’t have mask and fins they can be rented in the small street of shops as you reach the beach.

Enjoy sunset and a drink on the Sky bar on the roof of Taman Unique Hotel and a swim in the pool at the same time.

At night go to Happy Cafe a 100 meter walk south and enjoy Lombok’s vibrant night life.

For the more adventurous hikers. Walk south on the main road. Just before you reach Marina Cafe on the left there is a concrete walking path running up the hill. Before you take that path enjoy the beautiful flowers in the plant nursery on the corner. After about a kilometers the path veers right around the hill. Where the path divides take the left fork and follow until it joins a road. Follow the road back down the hill to the main road enjoying the fabulous views. At the main road turn right (North)and return to the hotel.

After a walk or swim enjoy a relaxing massage at Orchid Massage, two shops north of Taman Unique Hotel. If you prefer more privacy arrange for an Orchid massage in your room at Taman Unique Hotel.

Meet Mell Higgs the bar operator at Taman Unique Hotel. A hidden gem. Raconteur, long term bule resident of Lombok, poet, musician, weirdo, often disheveled but loved by all. The best free entertainment or otherwise in Senggigi . Rarely seen before 3 PM.

Surfing. Senggigi point is a left/right break that almost always has at least a small wave. A short 5 minute walk from Taman Unique Hotel.

If you feel like getting up early you can see the fisherman, bring in the catch at Senggigi Beach around 9 am.

Go mountain biking. Inquire at reception at Taman Unique Hotel.